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20 minutes...

As we head into what is traditionally the busiest time of the year... it becomes even more important to try to carve out a little self-care time in each day.

While your focus can likely be taking care of others... taking care of meals, shopping or wrapping gifts... working your full-time job or being a full time mama... we can relate. And we totally get it that hitting your fav workout class while trying to fit in everything else, can sometimes become a juggling act.

Whatever you can manage to fit in for yourself though, will likely set the tone for your day, even if it's just a few purposeful minutes in the morning or right before your head hits the pillow at night.

Here's 20 positive ways to take care of yourself in 20 minutes or less...

  1. Take a 20-minute walk at comfortable speed.

  2. Get up early, make yourself breakfast and enjoy a little quiet time before the rush of the day.

  3. Meditate in a quiet place.

  4. Unplug from social media.

  5. Set the timer and do a 20-minute clean sweep: put away items that were left out of place & clear the surfaces.

  6. Journal to release your thoughts.

  7. Turn on some music and get up and dance.

  8. Try a new healthy recipe.

  9. Give yourself a manicure.

  10. Write down your goals and post them somewhere you'll see daily.

  11. Straighten up and remove clutter from your desk.

  12. Drink 2 large glasses of water.

  13. Take a 20-minute power nap.

  14. Stretch.

  15. Pick up the phone and call a dear friend or loved one.

  16. Look through a photo album and reminisce about good memories.

  17. Take a long, warm bath.

  18. Listen to your fav podcast or read a few chapters in a good book.

  19. Do yoga poses and deep breathing exercises.

  20. Write down 10 things for which your thankful.

And speaking of being THANKFUL... we are thankful for YOU every single day, Bloomsquad! Thank you for making the choice to be a part of our community. It wouldn't be the same around here without each and every one of YOU!

Make plans to join us before your Thanksgiving festivities on Thursday morning for a Turkey Trot and an always-epic holiday MASHUP! It will most certainly be a positive way to start your day!

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