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Upper Body & Core or Lower Body & Core 

These classes will either consist of station or working together as a group OR a variety of both. These may have a slight cardio element to them but will primarily be a strength class. With so many option the class will never be the same and will be the perfect solution when you are looking for

just upper or lower work.


TBC Total Body Conditioning

This is the ultimate head to toe workout to help you maximize the results you want! This class will be done as group work or stations. The bulk of this class will be is high intensity strength intervals to get you working in anerobic state but then cardio bursts are sprinkled throughout. 

This class is classified as strength.


BWT Bodyweight Training

In this class you will not use weights. SAYYY WHA?! 

Hold on a sec, some serious magic can be done with just your body and a few other tools.  This class will be a combo of both strength and cardio.


A&E Agility & Endurance

Wait, Stop! Do not be intimidated! 

This class is for all! Whether you are an athlete, channeling your younger athlete,  or just want to keep your endurance for an entire cardio dance class…. this class is for YOU!  This class will have some strength properties to it but will present itself as a steady state cardio class! 

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