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12 easy ways to raise your vibration

Looking for some easy ways to keep a smile on your face & feel uplifted? We could ALL use some of that, right?!

I mean... #1 & #12 are our favorites... duh... but here's some other great suggestions for raising your vibe on days when you're just not feelin' it.

  1. Engage in self-care: Good physical and mental health is key if you want to manifest positive things into your life. Adequate rest, water, exercise, and quality food are important.

  2. Write a letter to the universe: Try the scripting exercise to dream up your goals as if they have happened already.

  3. Gratitude blitz: Spend just 3 minutes saying aloud all the things you're grateful for... guaranteed to raise your vibes!

  4. Quick meditation: Just 5 minutes of focusing on your breath is enough to elevate your mood.

  5. Nature: Get outside if you can... preferably connecting to nature (water, grass, plants, sun). Nature has the perfect vibration... match it!

  6. Positive affirmations: Short "I am" statements that claim what you desire will make you feel great, inside and out.

  7. Spread kindness: Doing something nice for someone else gets you out of your own head and into a higher vibration.

  8. Freshen up your appearance: Pop on some colorful lipstick, style your hair. Sometimes looking good = feeling good.

  9. Put your phone down: Sometimes a break from social media is just what you need. Read a book, take a walk outside, stretch, grab lunch with a friend.

  10. Hug it out: If you can... get or give a hug. Pets count too!

  11. Release negativity: Let your negative emotions out by talking with a trusted source or by journaling.

  12. Exercise: Sometimes breaking a sweat and moving your body is enough to elevate your vibration.

Staying connected with others and not being isolated can help tremendously too. In fact... sometimes just merely walking into the studio at Bloom can do the trick. Our community is FULL of fun, smiling, and UPLIFTING people!

And speaking of FUN... we have packed the November schedule with lots of themed classes and rockin' playlists! Check out the schedule here, mark your calendar & grab your spot for each class on MINDBODY! Reminder that we are still limiting class sizes so don't hesitate to plan your workouts ahead of time. In fact... planning ahead is a GREAT way to set your intentions for the week, stay accountable and attain your goals!

Our team is full of GRATITUDE for each and every one of YOU. Thank you all for your willingness to show up and put in the work along with us!

Let's DO THIS, Bloomsquad! We're ending 2020 with positive vibes, strong minds and bodies!

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