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Things aren't always black and white...

It's the beginning of a new month... and a new month brings a new chance for new goals or a new mindset!

And did you know that the month of May is also our 6-year anniversary here at Bloom? We're pretty excited about it!


As we head into a 6-year celebration of serving this community, we are reminded of how much has changed over the years and yet how much still remains the same.

It is still our goal to encourage you to be the best version of YOU possible.

It is still our goal to provide you with an amazing workout... one that's effective and challenging... for ALL fitness levels.

It is still our goal to encourage you, not only to show up for exercise, but to also step outside your comfort zone and try new things... whether it's different classes or different instructors, or to grab a heavier weight or a different piece of equipment, or to trust us when we say YOU CAN DO THIS!!

It is still our goal to provide a space for group fitness and a welcoming, empowering, uplifting community.

It is still our goal to remind you that YOU matter.

Your self-care matters.

And not only is your self-care NOT selfish... it's ESSENTIAL.

But while many have been conditioned to think that exercise is the sole key to weight loss, or that beating yourself up with a workout is the consequence of overindulgence... we like to remind you about "non-scale victories" that happen when you make regular physical activity a priority in your life.

A bathroom scale simply shows a number... a snapshot of your weight at a given moment on any given day. But things aren't always so black and white when it comes to fitness and your health. And you can create a truer picture of your progress by recognizing the many improvements you’re experiencing day to day, not just in your body, but also in your mind and soul!

Recently one of our members posted on our Bloomsquad Facebook page about her fitness journey over the past year, much of which includes non-scale changes she's experienced along with her weight loss.

Here's some of what she said:

"It's May, which means I've been a bloom member for one year! I joined to just try out the gym for the summer and quickly fell in love!

Over the last year, I've lost about 25 pounds.

I've gained muscle, learned form, endurance has increased.

My anxiety is in a much better place.

My confidence, my love for myself, has grown much more than anything else! I was in a place when everyone else was cared for before I cared for myself... It feels so good to prioritize myself again. And that's benefiting my family so much!" ~Kara

It is so true that our relationships with others will improve when you first improve your relationship with YOURSELF and make your own physical and mental health a priority!

We talked about non-scale victories in another blog post last year. You can read more about that here!

And contrary to what you may have heard all your life... the scale is not a measure of success or failure... and the number on it certainly does not define you.

But speaking of numbers... and also black and white... please save the date of Saturday, May 14 and make plans to join us for our 6-year anniversary celebration! More details coming soon, but we'll be starting the day with an amazing workout, and ending the day with a black & white themed party!

So start planning your black &/or white wardrobe now!

We can't wait to celebrate with you!

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