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2020 vision...

Happy 2020! It's an exciting time of year at Bloom... with many people walking through the door with renewed intentions that come with a new year. The energy is high and we're all there with common interests that may include things like being healthy, staying connected and achieving goals.

Let's be honest though. Sometimes continuing to show up or keeping that renewed enthusiasm for staying true to our goals can be difficult. And once that train gets derailed, it can be easier to sink back into old habits and comfort zones.

You're not alone in that though. Trust me in that we ALL have our moments. It's acknowledging it and what we do from there though, that matters!

I read this post by John O'Leary yesterday I thought I'd share. He's an author, podcaster, motivational speaker, local St Louis guy who was severely burned on 100% of his body at the age of 9 and not expected to survive. If you haven't heard of him, look him up and follow him if you like inspiring content in your social media news feed.

Here's an excerpt...

Big plans for big improvements: That was my expectation on the dawn of 2020.

Goals were set to improve finances, grow spiritually, respond relationally with love and to take my health more seriously.

By the end of the very first day of 2020, I had already reacted with anger, spent money foolishly, eaten poorly, not worked out, enjoyed a glass of wine more than I actually needed and invested very little time praying, reflecting, meditating and giving thanks. In other words, by the end of the very first day I had failed at every single personal goal I had set. So much for New Year’s resolutions!

As I went to bed that evening, I was comforted knowing that I’m on the final days of a family vacation. I’m just out of my normal schedule. A little tired. A little cranky. I’ll get back on track soon… Maybe tomorrow… Or when I’m home. Or when life slows down. Or...

When we get too good at making excuses, we’re unable to own the power within our lives. We miss the opportunities of the day.

And I was at high risk of missing out on owning the power of my life because of excuses.

Are there areas of your life where you keep making excuses? Perhaps you’re like me and it’s a failed New Year’s resolution.