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50 reasons to exercise

Just in case you need a few reasons to lace up your shoes and get motivated to workout... here's a few benefits of exercise you may want to keep in mind!

  1. Lifts your mood

  2. Improves learning abilities

  3. Builds self-esteem

  4. Keeps your brain fit

  5. Boosts mental health

  6. Keeps your body fit & able

  7. Boosts your immune system

  8. Reduces stress

  9. Makes you feel happier

  10. Has anti-aging effects

  11. Improves skin tone & color

  12. Improves sleeping patterns

  13. Helps prevent strokes

  14. Improves joint function

  15. Improves muscle strength

  16. Alleviates anxiety

  17. Sharpens memory

  18. Helps to control addictions

  19. Boosts productivity

  20. Boosts creative thinking

  21. Improves body image

  22. Gives you confidence

  23. Helps keep you focused in life

  24. Improves eating habits

  25. Increases longevity

  26. Strengthens your bones

  27. Strengthens your heart

  28. Improves posture

  29. Prevents colds

  30. Improves appetite

  31. Improves cholesterol levels

  32. Lowers risk of (certain) cancers

  33. Lowers high blood pressure

  34. Lowers risk of diabetes

  35. Fights dementia

  36. Eases back pain

  37. Decreases osteoporosis risk

  38. Reduces feelings of depression

  39. Prevents muscle loss

  40. Increases energy & endurance

  41. Increases sports performance

  42. Increases pain resistance

  43. Improves balance & coordination

  44. Improves oxygen supply to cells

  45. Improves concentration

  46. Helps with self-control

  47. Lessens fatigue

  48. Increases sex drive & satisfaction

  49. Makes life more exciting

  50. Improves your quality of life

And one more we'll add to the list... it's FUN!! So make plans to join us for a group fitness class &/or small group training. We have a great variety of in-studio AND virtual workouts that will keep you challenged and motivated to achieve your goals!

If you haven't already jumped on this amazing deal... grab it now & end the year STRONG!

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