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A boutique studio...

When you hear the term "boutique fitness studio," what comes to mind?

If you look for an actual definition... you might see something along the lines of... a term used to describe a fitness studio that offers a specialized workout experience. It is typically a small gym that focuses on group exercise and specializes in one or two fitness areas.

We have a few other things that come to mind though when it comes to describing Bloom. First of all, excuse us for being partial... but we think it pretty much ROCKS.

Group fitness is definitely our jam!

But additionally... while we may be a small gym that focuses on group exercise, we most definitely specialize in more than one or two fitness areas.

So grab your cycle shoes, your dancing shoes or even no shoes at all if you want to get your yoga fix... we've got ya covered with a variety of classes on our schedule!

So let's chat about some of the amazing benefits of working out in a group fitness atmosphere.

First and foremost at Bloom, is our awesome community. Humans are wired to interact with others. And healthy interaction is beneficial for so many reasons. Being around uplifting, positive, like-minded individuals is good for your body, mind and soul!

Unlike working out at big box gyms where you might never feel noticed, you'll feel like you fit right in from the moment you walk through our doors. It's a friendly atmosphere for every BODY, of all fitness levels, age groups and walks of life. Whether it's a killer workout you're looking for or some social time away from your family/job... we all have one thing in common... staying healthy and strong!

Our top-notch instructor team has years of experience leading classes. Our coaching and leadership provides not only correct form, encouragement and motivation, but more importantly... we help bring an atmosphere of FUN to the workout!

The energy in a group fitness class can be undeniable! In fact, that energy in the room can be the reason your own energy is elevated, the reason you push yourself harder and the reason you might leave feeling like you're on a "high."

And let's face it... in order to stay disciplined for working out regularly... it helps to find something you actually like to do because if you're not looking forward to it... you'll be more likely to quit before you really give it a chance to be effective.

And well... an effective workout matters when it comes to success in your health and fitness goals.

Basically we want to help YOU become the best version of YOU!

What are some of the ways you would describe the atmosphere at Bloom?

We'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

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