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Comfort or fulfillment?

Here we go again... it's back-to-school time for many of us! And with that, it brings school supply shopping, rushing out the door for the bus, making lunches, watching kid's sports and helping with homework.

But unlike the more laid-back time during the summer, where travel, fun and just plain sleeping-in can be a priority... this time of year might bring a sense of routine back into your life too... and possibly a few hours of time during the day when you can have a little more time for your mama self.

But whether this time of year brings a change to your schedule or not... it's safe to say we ALL have seasons where we might fall into patterns of what feels comfortable... whether it be with regard to our routines, our relationships, our eating habits, or anything else.

Comfort can feel easy. It can feel safe.

Especially when it comes to a big fluffy blanket in the middle of winter.

Real growth in our life, however, happens during seasons of our most discomfort.

Real change happens to our bodies when we're pushing beyond what feels easy.

And when you get comfortable with being uncomfortable... you're more likely to see positive results in whatever the situation.

"Comfortable clothes, a comfortable work environment, a comfortable place to sleep can all be highly enabling. Yet after a point, the desire for more and more comfort chips away at your willingness and ability to create real fulfillment.

Junk food and idleness are comforting, yet they come at the expense of good nutrition, regular exercise and fitness. Blaming others is comforting, yet it blocks you from the power and fulfillment of taking responsibility.

Scrolling through social media is comfortable, but accomplishes nothing of lasting value. Real fulfillment comes from getting out and participating in face-to-face social interactions.