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December is the new January...

Let's have a quick chat about exercise.

As we head into the end of the month... the end of the year... AND the end of the decade... let's try to change our thinking a bit.

In fact, let's do it BEFORE the new year begins... because, well... December is the new January. And what exactly IS the point of waiting for a new year's resolution anyway? Putting off the inevitable, I suppose? Or maybe it's just giving one's self a green light to overindulge in the holidays and UNDER-indulge in our health & wellness?

Exercise isn't a punishment for what you did over the weekend though, nor is that weekend something you "earn" by working out.

So let's change our mindset a bit...

Instead of exercising to burn calories... let's exercise to feel good physically.

Instead of exercising to lose weight... let's exercise to feel good mentally.

Instead of exercising to sculpt your body... let's exercise to feel good emotionally.

Instead of doing exercises you don't like... let's move your body in ways you truly enjoy.

Instead of exercising so much that you don't feel well... let's take time to rest & recover.

Instead of exercising because you hate your body ... let's appreciate how much your body can do.

Exercise has so many benefits for your health & wellness. Unless you find something that speaks to your heart a bit and feels fun enough to return regularly though, it can be h