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"I regret that class" - said no one, ever.

Well... January is almost over and we're headed for February! With a new month... it brings a new chance to crush your goals and hopefully continue on the same path and mindset with which you started the year.

In other words... let's DON'T start giving up on our goals & resolutions now. Between the snow and the crazy cold temps, it can be easy to stay home. BUT... sometimes just getting out the door is the biggest challenge. Once you set foot in the studio I can't imagine anyone ever says, "I regret those calories I just burned!"

Our theme for February is SELF LOVE. Yeah, that's right.. the heck with Valentine's Day... we're loving on ourselves a little more this month. We're taking CARE of ourselves a little more this month... mind, body & spirit. Our ability to care for others begins with ourselves. Our ability to do our jobs, be a good mother, a good spouse... everything we do starts with how good we feel, how healthy we are, how much sleep we did or didn't get.

Believe it or not... exercise ends up giving you MORE energy. Exercise changes not only the way you look, but more importantly the way you FEEL.

Whether you're new to our Bloomsquad Community or you've been around for awhile, it doesn't take long to realize that not only will you end up getting booty-kickin' workouts, but you'll also find that we offer enough social events that you may not ever want to go anywhere else!

I mean, why go to a nightclub on Friday when you can hit Bloom Boogie Nights? It's fun, folks, lots of fun! And no cheesy pickup lines or overpriced drinks involved. What more could you want?

If you haven't heard... there's been a few new additions and changes to our February schedule! We have so many AWESOME formats from which to choose and have made it a little easier for you to navigate through the list of class descriptions by categorizing them by cardio, strength and mind/body. However, we still strongly suggest you ATTEND the classes to get the best idea of what's involved! Try your favorite class with a different instructor! An actual experience is better than 1000 words!

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