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Let's roll!

Since the day we first opened our doors, we have continued to keep up with fitness trends and listen to what you want in a workout, by adding new formats and classes!

Bloom offers a jam packed schedule full of cardio, strength/resistance training, mind/body classes & now CYCLE to fit your fitness needs. We continuously encourage you to include a variety of classes in your weekly routine to see the MOST benefits for your body.

We also occasionally offer fun Friday night classes that are a great way to grab a workout and connect with the Bloom community in more of a party-like atmosphere!

As you may have already heard, this Friday night we are offering our first ROCK + RIDE event... some cycle, some strength, a little sip & even a little shop!

Uh... did someone saying shopping?

Yep... it's the launch of our new BLOOM CYCLE SQUAD GEAR!! It's pretty cute... and seriously... who doesn't need more workout attire? Yes please!

If you haven't tried a Bloom Cycle class yet, here are some of the benefits you'll get from that ride:

Build muscular endurance. A cycle class includes both endurance and cardiovascular training. You'll see improved heart health and lung capacity the harder you work.

Burned calories... of course! According to Harvard Health, a one-hour ride at moderate intensity will burn approximately 420-622 calories.

You can set your own pace. The cool thing about being stationary is that no one else knows or cares how fast you're going because it doesn't impact them. This class is perfect for advanced cycling athletes AND beginners all right next to each other working together.

Teamwork! One of the many benefits to a group exercise format of any kind is that we're all working together as a group. You're more than just individuals in a class... you're a team... which allows encouragement and motivating each other to push past our limits.

Build lean muscle. The primary muscles you'll use for this class are your legs & core... so that's where you'll see improved definition. Our instructors will be cueing you for the correct posture on your bike so you'll always know exactly what to do as you roll through that ride!

Rockin playlists! Music is certainly a huge motivating factor in this class. In fact, you'll love the music so much, you may even forget how hard you're working!

We still have a couple spots open for Friday night, so head over to MindBody to reserve your bike. Don't hesitate though because space is limited!

Let's ROLL, Bloomsquad!

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