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Movement is medicine...

Here we go!! The holiday season is upon us and in full swing!

The weather is ever-changing and whoa... it's chilly outside, to say the least.

It's still 2020 for one more month and well... not much seems to have changed with regard to COVID.

Daylight Savings makes it feel like it's time to go to bed when it's only 5:00pm.

Kids might even still be at home if they're being home-schooled... or back home from college too, in some cases!

These are just some of the things that can make it feel easier to curl up on the couch wrapped in a warm blanket when you find some spare time to yourself. In other words... this time of year it can be easy to make excuses when it comes to your health and wellness.

But what IF, this was the time you didn't make any excuses?

What IF, this was the time you decided to show up for yourself?

What IF, this was the time you decided to make yourself a priority?

What IF, like a doctor's appointment you schedule in advance, you also scheduled your "appointments" at the gym in advance? And then showed up without canceling at the last minute because... oops... that warm blanket felt pretty good?

And hey listen... we're not knocking warm blankets here. Some of us have an entire collection in every color, fabric and pattern... ahem. And yoga pants and joggers, and all things comfy. New Bloom sweatshirt anyone? We'll take one in each color please and thank you!

What we're trying to say here is that WE GET IT. Trust us, we do.

But here's something else we get... it's ok to have a balance of BOTH. But this time of year more than ever, that takes discipline, juggling and planning ahead... not just "penciling-in" your workouts, but scheduling them with a Sharpie & committing to them full force.

Because the truth is... our health doesn't always wait for us to get through the holidays.

Our health doesn't always say... ok, no worries, I'll see ya in January.

MOVEMENT is medicine.

CONSISTENCY is key all year round.