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Non-scale victories...

Happy February... it's a new month ahead! And with a new month... it brings a new chance to recommit to your goals!

For those of you participating... today is the first day of our Fierce Forward Momentum Challenge. The main focus of the challenge is to develop small achievable habits to compound in helping you achieve your long-term goals. It's 6 weeks of moving forward FIERCELY... one foot in front of the other!

If you attended our meeting yesterday, one of the things we mentioned was "non-scale victories." In other words... what are some of the things you can celebrate to lift your spirits beyond focusing on the movement of the scale? Non-scale victories are health improvements that result from small life changes.

A bathroom scale simply shows a number... a snapshot of your weight at a given moment on any given day. But the you can create a truer picture of your progress by recognizing the many improvements you’re experiencing day to day.

Here's an excerpt from Healthline with some things YOU can consider as you're thinking of your own non-scale victories throughout your own fitness and health journey...

1. Your clothes fit better than they used to Your pants may let you know your weight is changing before the scale does. If your clothes are feeling more comfortable than they used to, your efforts are very likely paying off. 2. You can do more of the things you love Physical activity doesn’t have to take place in a gym. If you’re on the path to a healthier life, you may find that your new habits are making it easier for you to get out and do things you enjoy more often. Playing with your children or pets, working in your garden, dancing to a favorite tune, or taking a brisk walk are all activities to celebrate. 3. You have more energy When you’re eating more nutritious food and increasing your physical activity, you’re bound to feel more energetic overall. Increased energy is one of the main benefits of adopting a healthier, more active lifestyle.

4. Your sleep has improved If your new activity and healthy eating habits have changed your weight, you may be sleeping more soundly at night. Studies have found that people who successfully lost around 15 pounds also improved the quality of their sleep, and that losing belly fat specifically, has a particularly positive impact on sleep quality.