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Not today, Corona...

So let's see... the last time we blogged, we were still in the studio and life as we knew it was still "normal."

In a matter of days though... practically overnight... we've turned into a virtual fitness studio. Who knew how capable we were until literally thrown into that fire?

It's an odd reality though... teaching into a reflection of yourself on a computer screen. Smiling and yelling as if people are actually in the room with you. And while technically (in an IT kinda way) they "are in the room with you," you can't really see everyone so you just pretend the room is full and tap into your acting skills.

Hopefully in spite of our virtual transformation though, you're staying motivated to join us!

And isn't that what we all really need right now... some motivation to keep moving? Some motivation to get out of bed, perhaps even make your bed and get back to some kind of daily routine again?

I think most of us are craving some normalcy to our days. Some answers to the unknown. And while answers may not be anything any of us get for awhile... our power lies in what we CAN control, like our attitude, gratitude, kindness, discipline for sticking to our exercise routine and how we respond or react to others.

What are some ways you can take back your own power in this time of many unknowns?

Within this amazing community... one thing you can do is simply join us. Whether it's a LIVE Zoom workout or a scheduled Zoom "happy hour" or a cheering session for sisters that are attempting a 7-minute plank and then... oh, what the heck... let's do 9 minutes instead since everyone is watching us... it's a GREAT way to connect with others and feel somewhat like your old self again.

It's a great way to see another soul outside our own home that's smiling back at us on our computer screen. It's a reason to get out of your pajamas and put on some workout clothes. It may even be a reason to take a shower! It's the little things that matter right now, folks.

Who knew on New Year's Eve that just a few months later, this would be how we all worked out and stayed in touch with each other?