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Nothing changes if nothing changes...

Mindset is everything... and our habits define us. If you're interested in changing your life, you need to be willing to change what you do daily.

There are just over 5 months left in 2019. Have you accomplished your intended goals from January? Are there still things you'd like to tackle before the year ends? Hitting a bump in the road with our goals is inevitable. Failure is a chance to learn and do better. Quitting, however, is not an option!

Here's some ideas of positive changes you may consider making in your life. Many of these things you may already do!

And of course we hope exercise at Bloom is one of them!

Find 2 or 3 things as your focus for these next 5 months... changing one at a time. When we try to change everything about our life it can become overwhelming and set us up for failure. So keep it manageable and find your focus...

  1. Watch educational shows

  2. Learn something new online

  3. Read books

  4. Stay in touch with family

  5. Choose your friends wisely

  6. Get rid of toxic friends

  7. Find a mentor

  8. Start that business

  9. Start a new hobby

  10. Learn a new language

  11. Set goals

  12. Plan your day and week

  13. Make a plan for your life

  14. Practice gratitude

  15. Practice meditation

  16. Exercise

  17. Learn more skills

  18. Drink less alcohol

  19. Don't worry about other's opinions