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Our past does not define us...

Well it's already March and almost time for a new season... hopefully with some warmer weather ahead too!

Spring signifies many things in nature, but we tend to associate it with a time of GROWTH... a time that the flowers begin to BLOOM. We also associate it with Daylight Savings, which means we'll "Spring Forward" with our clocks this weekend.

Have you ever thought about those concepts with relation to your own life's journey though? That now may be a good time to shed some of that protective shell that has defined you so far? That now may be the time when the earth cracks below your feet so that you may blossom into the best version of YOU? That now may be a good time to spring forward with your thoughts, goals and desires rather than hold onto the old ones that may have formed you? That now may be a good time to unlearn those bad habits that may have protected you in the past?

It can be easy to stay there... to hold onto what was.... to hold onto what we feel best serves us. Change can be painful. Growth can be uncomfortable. Imagine how much rain, even thunderstorms, it takes for a flower to bloom from just a tiny seed buried below the ground though.

Ultimately that flower is a beautiful reminder of what change can bring. And in our own lives, it's during the time when we feel the most uncomfortable, that we are in a period of GROWTH.

While it may not always be comfortable, it's necessary for our survival to grow, change and hopefully blossom.

If you happen to be reading along with us in Book Club, the author of 50 Ways to YAY! brings up the topic of change & leaving the past behind us in chapter 7...

"It didn't happen TO you, it happened FOR you. Every single step on your journey was ESSENTIAL in evolving you into the person you are today. Your spirit called in these experiences so that you could learn, grow, and expand into the highest version of yourself. Who you are today is a direct reflection of every single good, bad, ugly and amazing thing that has ever happened to you; and who you will be 5 years from now will require you to persevere through all that you are currently up against."

She goes on to say...

"If your life isn't working, it's not your life, it's YOU. If you're feeling overwhelmed, stressed-out, broke, lonely, stalled-out, and you are not living up to your potential, the only person responsible for this is YOU. Either we CAUSE something or we ALLOW it. We are the problem, but we are also the SOLUTION!"

What is it that YOU can do today... this week... this month... to promote change or better yet, GROWTH, in your life? We can't possibly bloom overnight, but we can take steps to nurture the process.

Some of us may start with changes to our nutrition. Some of us may start with changes to our exercise routine. Some of us may decide to give up a habit or addiction that no longer serves our best interest. Some of us may decide to speak up and say what we feel more often, rather than to say yes when we really mean no.

Whatever it is for YOU though... don't give your past the power over your future.

Allow this Spring season to be a time of growth... a time of becoming the best version of yourself.

You and only YOU are in control.

Start with a plan. Make a list. Schedule things on your calendar. Do what works best for you, but post it somewhere you'll see daily. When we keep goals in sight, we're less likely to give up on them.

Small changes are the key to long-term success though, so don't try to tackle it all overnight. One thing at a time, simply beginning with the desire and willingness to make a change for the better!

You GO, girl. You've got this!

But speaking of Daylight Savings... don't forget to set your clocks forward this weekend. Sunday FUNday wouldn't be the same without YOU!

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