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Self Love

Well, it's February! And while we tend to associate it with candy hearts, roses and Valentine's Day, this month at Bloom we're focusing on giving more SELF LOVE.

As women, we typically tend to put other's needs before our own... especially as we age, have a career, get into relationships or have children. And YES, you're absolutely right. We do need to give a LOT of attention to our children &/or any relationship we're in because it all takes work.

Here's the thing we need to realize though... it's not selfish to have needs and take care of YOU first.

Single or married... children or not... you matter.

While they are sometimes said with humor or sarcasm, there's MUCH truth to these well-known quotes... "Happy wife... happy life" and "If mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy."

You can't pour from an empty cup. And frankly that's what happens as we continue to give before we take care... there's not much left.

There are ways we can fill our "cups" though and EXERCISE is a biggie. Believe it or not, exercise will actually give you MORE energy and quite honestly change your mood too. While most of us attend fitness classes for the physical health benefits of it, we quickly realize the mental & emotional benefits we also walk away with after a fun class!

There's much to be said about the energy in a group fitness class that provides "therapy" like no other!

There are so many ways to practice more self love. Try Googling it and you'll come up with hundreds of ideas!

We've made it a little easier for you with this calendar though and we'd love hear if you've completed any of these daily prompts yet!

It really doesn't take much to reap some benefits. Simple things like mixing up your daily routine... adding in a little more physical activity... making a small change to your diet... drinking a little more water and a little less soda... will all create more self love & care than you may have previously given.

How about simply unfollowing the negativity on your social media and replacing it with inspiring posts instead? When we fill our minds with positive images and inspiring words, our days are fueled with a little more HECK YESSS and a little less UGH... noooo.

Married or single, we're always in a relationship with ourselves first. So stay committed to loving

YOU. It's amazing how much better we can feel physically and emotionally when we put forth as much effort for ourselves as we do for others.

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