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Teamwork makes the dream work...

During the month of May, we've had 2 incredibly FUN "Mashups"... one in celebration of our 3-year anniversary, and the other in honor of Memorial Day! I'm not sure anyone left either of those classes without being able to completely wring out their clothes like they'd just jumped in a swimming pool. To say we burned a few calories & lost a few pounds of sweat might be an understatement.

What is it about the power of a "group" that can be so motivating? While we're all inspired by different things... for some it can be music, for others it might be a certain type of workout... there's much truth to the saying "strength in numbers."

Knowing that you're all in it together... the determination, the sweat, the laughs, the encouragement, the mumbling of bad words under your breath at the instructor... (I can assure you we mumble at ourselves sometimes too)... it creates a bond in that room.

We may not all be there for the exact same reason, but we all have similar goals... good health, fun, a community, time for ourselves, "therapy," weight loss, muscle gain, etc.

When you're part of a team... there's a sense of accountability that makes you want to return and do it all over and over again.

Did I mention FUN already? I mean... running on the treadmill gets the job done too. But is it really the most fun workout ever? Probably not.

Read an article the other day about the benefits of taking group fitness classes. And just in case you needed further convincing, here's an excerpt from The Health Benefits of Working Out With A Crowd:

Being a part of this type of community can provide a huge boost of motivation beyond the one that comes with the physical benefits of a workout, which can be helpful for those finding it hard to stay committed.

“Motivation improves because group workouts are often filled with encouragement; ‘You can do it!’ cheers and other accolades from others keep the energy and motivation high,” says Griesel. “Inspiration benefits because in a group there is always the one who ‘seems to do it best’ and becomes the ‘reach’ for the group.”

“Working out with other people creates a high level of motivation among one another, especially when someone has a good day,” agrees Wong. “The positive vibes are infectious and spread throughout the class like wildfire, creating a positive attitude and environment for the whole class.”