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The last 90 days...

With a new season almost upon us and the weather finally beginning to feel a little more Fall-ish... it's a great time set some new goals and wake up each morning with more intention.

Goals don't necessarily have to require dramatic change in your life. They can sometimes just be simple things or small tweaks to your daily routine. Making the decision to make a change, however, can sometimes be the biggest hurdle. Making too many goals all at once can also feel overwhelming.

Try to keep things simple, manageable and attainable.

You may have seen it mentioned on the Bloomsquad Community page that we have a private Facebook group for anyone who would like to take part in Rachel Hollis' Last 90 Days Challenge. If you're not familiar with the challenge... here's the deets:

These are 5 realistic and manageable goals that can make big changes in how your year ends. And maybe you're already doing some of those things regularly!

The last 3 months are traditionally the busiest time of year for most of us. It might be when we tend to slack on our fitness... and maybe not make the healthiest food/drink choices with the impending holidays and celebrations. It can also be a stressful time of year as well.

Having a plan of action can keep you from resorting to not-so-positive coping behaviors. Creating new habits can potentially create new outcomes and keep you from losing motivation as we finish out, not only this year, but also this DECADE.

Here's what Bloomsquad member Rebecca Boyd had to say about the challenge the during the past 2 weeks: