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Hey Bloomsquad... it's been a few months since we've last chatted.

This has been a memorable year so far to say the least, hasn't it? However, I'm sure if we all stopped to think about it a bit and possibly make a list, we could probably all come up with a lot of positive things about 2020 in our personal, family &/or business life. It's really just a matter of perspective.

Other times though, you can hear/read... "focus on the good"... "find the positive"... but you're just not in the mood for a hype session. We've all probably had that feeling a few times this year too... am I right?

Your thoughts do matter though.

What you focus on matters.

YOU matter.

YOU... choosing to get out of bed every single day MATTERS.

YOU. The one, just like the rest of us, who has no idea what the remainder of the year holds because who knew this year would even still look like this in August?!?!

However... whether the world & our own individual worlds may be full of many unknowns right now, especially with school starting now too, having your own self-care routine is ESSENTIAL.


To your spouse... to your kids... to your employer... to your pets... to your parents... to your friends... but mostly to YOU... because you can't pour from an empty cup.

So if we can suggest anything to you right now, it's that you remember to take time for yourself.

Almost everything will work again if you just unplug it for a few minutes... including you.

Unplugging could simply mean turning off your phone & tuning into a good book.

Unplugging could simply mean taking part of your lunch break to take a walk around the block.

Unplugging could simply mean getting up 30 minutes earlier to have some uninterrupted quiet time to yourself.