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We Stick Together

Updated: May 15, 2019

It's just about time to celebrate our anniversary...  3 years of BLOOMing to be exact! 

And as with all things that grow and bloom... a lot has happened in the past 3 years! 

Lots of fun, tons of sweat, many laughs, much determination and so many memories made with all of YOU who walk through those doors and join us every single day. 

We've added new formats and have tried to keep up with current fitness trends to offer a well-rounded schedule of cardio, strength training and mind/body classes to fit your needs.

Aesthetically speaking... the studio's changed a bit too, with even a cute little striped wall.  "Selfies" anyone?   We kinda encourage it!

And we have a few other things up our sleeves this week that show Bloom's true personality and vibe.

We're pretty excited, to say the least!

Amid all the small changes though... Bloom has stayed true to what we've strived to provide for you since that first day our doors opened.  While it's safe to assume that as a fitness studio, our main interest is wellness and providing an awesome workout, it's also been a priority to create an empowering community too.. an EXPERIENCE that involves more than just group fitness classes.  

We truly believe that wellness involves your body, mind AND soul.  It is our hope that as you stay connected with us in the studio or through social media... you"ll realize just how much YOU belong here with us. 

What you fill your mind and time with, matters.  In fact, it matters a lot.  So we're keeping things positive & empowering around here! 

As you've probably already heard... on Saturday, May 18 we're throwing a big celebration in appreciation for our Bloomsquad.  There will be an amazing MEGA MASHUP class in the morning and then a party that evening where we can all wear something other than our sweaty fitness attire.  

The celebration wouldn't be the same without YOU though, so make plans to join us for both events that day if you're able.  Encourage a friend to join you too and share your love for Bloom! 

As a reminder... we still have an amazing "Anniversary Month Special" if you haven't joined us yet!  Only $3 to join for this month when you agree to a minimum 6-month commitment.   And by the way... membership has special "perks" like  unlimited classes, FREE childcare and discounts on Bloom gear & special events! 

So yep... it's a GREAT time to join our Bloomsquad. 

Did we mention how much we appreciate you though?  We do.  We truly do. 

Thank you for continuing to walk through those doors.  Thank you for staying committed to YOU.  Thank you for making your wellness a priority and for allowing US to be part of your life.  

We should definitely stick together... ♥

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