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Women empowering women...


It's two words we've all heard & probably even hash-tagged before. But what does it mean to YOU?

For a little over 3 years now, it's been Bloom's vision to create a community of women empowering women. We've aimed to provide not only an amazing workout, but also a place to feel supported and encouraged. To provide a place to gain strength in body, mind AND spirit. To provide an atmosphere unlike your typical gym.

After class one evening, I overheard a conversation between 2 members... one telling the other how she inspired her to work a little harder during class. Of course she wasn't even aware that she was inspiring someone, as she was participating in class just like everyone else. Or so she thought.

And that just about sums it all up at Bloom. 

Each one of us in that room inspires someone else... usually without any awareness of it at all.   Your mere presence could be someone else's "why" they are there.  "Why" they continue to come back.  "Why" they work a little harder.  "Why" they have fun. 

It's not just the instructor leading the way. We're all a team in there. There's strength in numbers. There's comfort in knowing you're not alone. There's a sense of accountability when you know others are counting on you to show up, and to encourage your goals and applaud your successes along the way.

So yeah... back to GIRL POWER.

It's about being positive with each other, not negative.

It's about community, not comparison.

It's about cheering each other on, not discouraging.

It's about fixing each other's crowns when they slip. Because well... that's what queens do.

And while we're on the subject of encouragement... there's a lot of NEW on the schedule this month... class changes, instructor changes and of course much that remains the same!

We encourage each of you to try something new this month.